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Six Reasons to do a Summer Brand Refresh

Summer is here, and the warm weather and sunny skies give us all the energizing boost we need after the cold winter months. Just like that refreshing breath on a warm summer evening, a brand refresh can give your business a renewed outlook on the year ahead. Some ways you can refresh your brand are by tweaking your logo, changing up your colour palette, or choosing a different font.

Here are six great reasons to refresh your brand:

  1. Appeal to New Audiences

Trends change so rapidly that even a sleek, stylish brand could feel outdated and stale within a few years. Refreshing gives your organization a renewed vitality and allows you to appeal to different audiences outside of your current scope.

2. Improve Brand Awareness and Loyalty

Creating a consistent style within your brand shows your clients that you take pride in what you do. Doing a brand refresh gives you the opportunity to develop the foundation for all marketing materials like social graphics, brochures, and more! A style change will be eye-catching to potential customers and give existing ones a fresh view of your brand.

3. Get the Competition Talking

Refreshing your brand is a great way to let your competition know you’re forward-thinking and ahead of the game. They’ll be looking to you as the frontrunner in your industry. A brand refresh shows that you are aware of what’s new and exciting, and you aren’t afraid to take a risk!

4. You’re Growing and Evolving

Your organization evolves over time, and your branding should do the same. If your services or products have changed, your brand may not match what you now offer. If you’ve updated your company’s values, your current branding may not reflect that. A refresh ensures your true message is being shared.

5. Improve Team Morale

A rebrand signals to your team, “we are not going to forget who we are, but we’re not going to let our organization get old and outdated either! We are going to refresh ourselves to stay nimble and relevant in this new technologically focused marketplace.”

6. Increased Visibility = Increased Sales

All of these benefits combined will bring you to the ultimate goal – more sales! The points we’ve listed are fantastic, but it may feel like it’s not worth the hassle without a way to measure success. These benefits will increase your visibility and, in turn, will increase sales. This will give you a way to truly see what a brand refresh can do for your business.

With so many ways to refresh your brand, it is essential to have a strong plan and a clear message. Ensuring you stay true to your organization’s values and working towards a better future will help you in this journey. Whether you’re looking to do a total overhaul or some minor tweaks, Anchored Ideas is here to help you achieve your goals and show your audience your best self.